5 Trends that SEO Company in the US (United States) should be aware of

The SEO industry has always been progressive. There are few tactics in SEO that are going to stay such as using keywords in title, mobile optimization, using relevant keywords in content, etc. But as we say “change is the only constant” changes will happen at every stage. Because search engines like google always works with a view to provide user satisfaction. Google thus proposes changes which simplifies results in a manner that best suits the user’s search. Oysters Web is one the best SEO company in the US which provides the best SEO service in the Unites States.

Oysters Web has come up with 5 Trends that will boost your SEO game in the US:

Zero Click Searches is the New Tradition

Zero click searches are basically where the users get the answers to their questions directly on the SERPs and they do not have to click on any result to solve their queries. Local Pack’s of Google, Featured Snippets, Knowledge graph, etc are proving to be boon for the users. Zero click searches accounts to about more than half of the online searches. What we can do is, understand the type of searches, whether the user is looking for any specific answer to a question or the user is trying to contact you. This will help you generate quality traffic on your site. Although this will boost your SEO practices but do not consider it as your focal point.

Featured and Rich Snippet

As discussed about zero click searches and how they can influence your audience, it becomes essential to grab this opportunity so that you improve your rank in SERPs. To gain a upper hand, search engine optimization services in US might give you a couple of techniques and charge you high. But Oysters Web will do it just by enhancing your Rich Or Featured Snippets.

Local SEO Practices are Developing

Zero click searches forms about 75% of the local searches. These results solves the queries of the user on the SERP itself, thus it becomes crucial for you to enhance your local searches SEO to be visible to your target audience. A small technique can be applied by incorporating keywords which are majorly used for local searches such as address, near me, phone number and getting yourself listed in the local online directories like “Google My Business”. However, not all searches will end on the SERPs, there will be searches who might visit your page for other reasons. Therefore your technical and traditional SEO practices will play a vital role.

The Machines aren’t going anywhere

It is not hidden that google uses algorithms to make it easy for the users to get to the answers they are looking for. Algorithms also help prevent keyword stuffing. And Google has brought a new trend in algorithms which will enhance the searches for users and that update is named as BERT ( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). It is also known as Neural Matching. However we cannot do much about the algorithms. All we can do is understand what your audiences are searching for and develop relevant and rich content. Good Content developing should be your priority, that doesn’t mean you only incorporate your keywords and neglect the intent of the user. Doing so will not be beneficial for your rankings on SERPs.

Focus on Brand Building

We all are aware of the fact that paid promotions on social media brings a lot of brand awareness and this trend will grow even more in the near future. Paid promotions help provide social signals to the search engine crawlers. Though this signals does not help you in improving your rankings on SERPs, it is a good way of getting quality backlinks and building a brand image. And that is what not every SEO services in US will make you understand, but Oysters Web will.

Final Words:  Every time when digital marketers think they have a hold of the SEO, Google comes up with a new update. Local Search can be seen as an example. For various local businesses, having presence on the Online Local Directories proves to be much more important rather than having a website.

Oysters Web is flexible and has its eye on every update and change. Feel free to share your problems and allow the SEO Company in the US, to help you, click here.